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We propose reasonable service rates for different configurations and according to your needs. We try to fit your needs into our grid. It all starts with a base rate (per word, per line, per page, per hour, per day...):

Base Rate

The base rate is defined for the translation of source texts of average quality which do not present any major linguistic or technical problems or data volumes/file numbers out of proportion with the billable amount of work.

Typically, an hourly base rate is applied to updates, revisions, and proofreading.

Higher Rates

Higher rates (between 110 and 160 per cent of the base rate) will apply:

Lower Rates

Lower rates can be considered for guaranteed high volumes (translation of more than 30,000 words or 12 working days) with reliable deadlines. Lower rates can also be negotiated for work meeting high criteria of translatability and project management, or for express services whith lower quality standards.

Flat Rates

A minimum rate of 400 words or one hour at base rate, whichever is the lower, is charged for any purchase order of up to 400 words. For repetitive jobs of not more than 400 words, the flat rate can be reduced.

Special Rates

Special rates apply to work to be done with CAT tools (see our Trados/Wordfast rates, for example), for work outside the translator's premises (onsite jobs), and for linguistic services other than those included in translation. Special rates apply also for translations compliant to DIN 2345 standards.


For onsite jobs, we invoice a per diem and travel expenses. The per diem rate is supposed to cover accomodation, food, communication and local transport (taxi fares, car rentals etc.) during the entire onsite period (calendar days, not work days). Travel expenses might vary according to the duration of the project. Count at least one return fare per month. Due to the variety of possible configurations, details have to be negotiated.

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