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The linguistic services we offer cover all linguistic and certain technical aspects of your translation and localisation needs. Some of the services only make sense for large multilingual projects with several translators coordinating their efforts to deliver a large software manual in a short time. However, in general, the services we deliver are useful for translation projects of any size and scope.

During preparation of a multilingual project you may wish to use linguistic expertise to help you avoid mistakes that later, in the actual translation phase, will cost you time, money and goodwill. During translation, you want to be sure that your documents are treated by professionals, teamwork-proven specialists used to the demands of sophisticated software and complex codes. Before you go to press, you'd like to be sure that the translation you got is up to your quality standards.

These are just examples of what linguistic services can add to your documentation process.

Project Preparation - Making Your Documents Fit For Translation

Multilingual communication does not reduce communication problems. But it need not multiply source text problems by the sheer number of languages and translators involved.

Of course, you have done everything to ensure that the text you need translated into the major world languages is top quality. But is it quality for an international audience? Thus, it is a good idea to include translatability issues in your own quality control process.

You want to communicate with the world? Start communicating with your translators. We can help you talk with the people who translate your documents, because we speak at least one of their languages, and because we know from our long experience just what they need (and often do not get) to do their job:

Translation - Our Core Activity

Fields of expertise

We therefore can:

Quality Control

Many translation agencies promise total quality, and propose quality control procedures for the translation process. Few have the courage to tell you that output quality depends on input quality (the GIGO principle - Garbage In, Garbage Out). Try to do a search on the Internet combining the keywords "translation" and "source text quality", and you will see what we mean.

As in every quality management process, translation quality has to be planned, budgeted, and built into the authoring process from the very start. Then, output quality control can insure that you reach your total quality management objectives.

In this context, we can:

Advanced Services

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