We still like to work as per DIN 2345, unfortunately not in force anymore, but still a good quality tool.

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There is hardly anything in the world that someone can't make a little worse and sell a little cheaper.Il n'y a pratiquement rien dans ce monde qui ne puisse être fabriqué en qualité inférieure afin d'être vendu moins cher.Es gibt nichts Gutes, das nicht irgend jemand ein bisschen schlechter und ein bisschen billiger machen könnte.

... and people who consider price alone are this man's lawful prey
(John Ruskin)

Translations can be very bad. Everyone who has bought a cheap lawn mower knows it. If you need a good translation, how can you be sure to get one?

First of all, avoid the most common mistakes. If you want to communicate effectively in foreign markets, translation is an integral part of your overall strategy, with its own procedures, methods and skills. Translation is a part of your product. So, you better look for experts.

Are you looking for experts?

Yes, but if you've already tried, you know that they're hard to find: People with native language writing skills who have worked for years in technical translation and have a proven track record for reliability, quality and flexibility.

You've found them!

Technical translation is our business. For more than a decade, we have been translating everything from helicopter maintenance sheets, financial reports, travel guides, catalogues for luxury goods, step-by-step instructions for dog toilets, and thousands of lines of software. And only into German.

And we have proven it.

Over the years, we have become more specialised in some areas, and have developed certain centres of excellence. Our team's one common denominator, where all members excel, is computer software and hardware.

Linguistic services means much more than technical translation. It means covering all the elements involved in a successful translation project, one that works smoothly from beginning to end. Accordingly, our service range spans your needs from project preparation - including hints on improving source text quality - to end user satisfaction.

Are you willing to pay for quality?

Translations can be very cheap. At least at first sight. Some agencies even offer hotel vouchers if you decide to work with them. But once you've received a cheap translation, chances are that you're not satisfied with the results. It all depends, of course, as with many products and services. Take cars. Once you've defined your needs, you might well be happy with a small car, because all you do is drive around town for shopping. On the other hand, if you want to travel long distances, you might be better off with a bigger, more comfortable car. Because you know that it pays in the long run. Especially if you extend your order to specs as per DIN 2345 for translation quality that fits neatly into your own quality procedures.

Our services pay in the long run. We normally work in a context where the translated documents are for external use, for publication, for communication with your clients or with the public. However, if you need short-lived translations only for information or in-house use, for example, we can propose a simple service at cut rates. We can also propose an express service to summarize long documents, and we are generally delighted to reduce the volume of words to be translated (lean documentation).

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