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Achtung Permanently under construction ...

First aid kit for virus and hoax attacks

Hoaxbusters (site francophone sur les canulars du web) ("Truth About Computer Security Hysteria) SULFNBK.EXE
Virus Threat Center Virus Encyclopedia Virus Myths  

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User's Guide for Translation Services, by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat with pertinent advice on translation management and translation quality control

xxxxx : News and information about web related topics

Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI) : Independent professional organisation in the UK. Especially useful for translation users is their publication "Translation: Getting it right. A guide to buying translations in English, French, Czech or German"




Robert Hopkins, Jr., Web Site Translation, A Primer for Webmasters, Authors and Owners, Dec. 1996

Wilhelm Weisweber's Bookmarks contain a wealth of references on automatic translation and computational linguistics

Dr. Alan K. Melby, Should I Use Machine Translation?, still a reference on strengths, conditions, and limitations of automatic translation (if the link doesn't work, try here)

La CNIL provides a very informative site (French) for everybody concerned about privacy
in the Internet era, with a very good demonstration on "cookies".

Learn Spanish in Mexico & Argentina at IMAC.
If you are searching for quality Spanish language schools, IMAC is recognized as one of the finest in Latin America. On their site, you'll also find many useful links concerning linguistic activities like language teaching, translation services etc.

Italian Courses London - Cactus language training provides regular training in over 15 languages for individual, corporate and public sector with an online reporting system.

YoY-search - A web portal with ten types of search. A first test gave very interesting results especially for News.

English Translations - Translation central- Website translation & localization by native translators in different languages at reasonable prices., an amusing site dealing with the Europanto slang


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