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We love multilingual low budget translation!

Automatic Translation Test

Odd: Low cost clients demand high cost efforts.
And: Low cost translations mean high cost patches.
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March 2012
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Sprechen-vous really Europanto? - Nos otros, da!
And what about eggiweg, jammiwam, mounch or neezhnies? Ever heard from NADSAT? Or Newspeak, Oldspeak & Duckspeak (try the DuckSpeak Translator)?

An update on automatic translation? Here we go French Only!


English words, weird or not (yet) in the dictionaries? Try World Wide Words to find them along with an explanation.
Or, if you're working in a combination of English and German, have a look what can go wrong ("Übersetzungsfallen").

Already an active Wikipedian ? >>> See what it's like.

Ever heard of portmanteau words? See our Glossary for translators and their clients.French Only
MPP Proudly Presents >>> Our Page for German Language LoversGerman only. And on top: Our quotations, our images and our list of new German words not yet found in dictionaries

And while we're at it, why not explore the horrors of Agopunktion?

TRADOC Translations, our close collaborators

Umlauts are already tough. But Heavy Metal Umlauts? Find out about this bizarre phenomenon here.
Bye bye, DIN 2345 Compliance? >>>> click French Only

Who We Are ...

A team of German localisers and technical translators with English-German and French-German as language combinations, using state of the art software and hardware, including Adobe® FrameMaker®, Adobe Acrobat®, Microsoft® Office™, Microsoft FrontPage™, AppStudio, AutoCAD®, RoboHelp®, Trados®, WordFast and others. MPP stands for Manigk, Popp & Partners.

The founders of the team, Brigitte Manigk and Walter Popp, have combined experience of more than 30 years in translation, localisation, testing, and quality control. Since 2000, they both are certified as per DIN 2345. The partners are other qualified German translators who subscribe to our approach to linguistic services and to translation quality.

We only do what we can do best. This means that we only translate from English and French into our own native language, our mother tongue. And only when we are sufficiently familiar with the subject matter of the text to be translated. Should you need other languages for your project, we may help you finding a qualified colleague.

What You Find Here ...

Linguistic services are not limited to technical and legal translations, our core activity. Many other tasks requiring linguistic expertise are needed to prepare and complete foreign language communication projects. This web site is designed to help you find us, and access the specific services we offer. As the site develops, we will include more information on our craft and trade, on our partners, and on linguistic issues of general interest to the profession and to the public. For instance, we found it amusing to test the results of automatic translation systems like Systran/Babelfish (see featured page). We also maintain our page For German Language Lovers with quotes, recommended books and movies or links to fascinating German web sites.

Our longstanding clients know that they get better results if they do not just give us a piece of paper to translate. They are aware of the stakes involved. If you are new, and considering translation issues for the first time, please stay with us. The information you'll find here is not meant to discourage you. We'd like to make you feel at ease, and lead you through the arcanes of the language business. You need not know anything about it, but the more you do know, the better we can serve you.

How To Find Us ...

Technical translators are a mobile crowd, and are not always easy to get hold of. To make it easier for you, we decided to establish one central contact point shared by the whole team. No matter where we are, we all can get your phone and fax messages right on our laptops.

One team, one phone number, one fax number, one e-mail address:
+33 (0) 4 42 50 48 85
+33 (0) 4 90 08 50 86

Important: Please, understand that we do not have the time to maintain all the pages on this site in three languages. Most pages will be in English. Pages not available in English are marked with French Flag and/or German Flag.

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